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Palestine Paper Money Guide

What is it and how much is it worth?

One pound april 20th Palestine 1939

One Pound April 20th Palestine 1939

Welcome! We’re excited to educate you about Old Palestine Paper Money today!

If you already have a solid understanding of Palestine banknotes and why they’re important, we still recommend you read through the guide. The last thing you want is to sell the Palestine bill for too little, and not get the money you deserve.

These bills were printed with the following denominations: 500 Mils, 1 Pound, 5 Pounds, 10 Pounds, 50 Pounds, 100 Pounds. When it comes to determining the value of these Palestine banknotes it typically always comes down to condition and which denomination you’ve acquired. In almost all instances the higher denomination bills will be worth more money than the smaller. We look forward to helping you with your collection. Remember, we are strong buyers of these Palestine banknotes.


What are Palestine Banknotes?

These banknotes have an interesting history, and some runs have a very limited print run, making them incredibly scarce and expensive. Even in poor conditions, some of these Palestine banknotes can be worth thousands of dollars.

Palestine paper money up until 1918 was Turkey’s currency. After that, from 1918 to 1927, we had Egyptian currency. And finally, the Palestine Pound, which is equal to 1.000 Mils, was from 1927 to 1948. This last period will be the main focus of this guide and mainly what we buy. Keep in mind, we buy all world banknotes. Even from Turkey and Egypt, but sometimes this paper money isn’t worth nearly as much as Palestine paper money is.

A lot of these issued notes from 1927 to 1948 feature Rachel’s Tomb, Dome of the Rock, or Tower of Ramla. These played a significant history for the country and the reason behind putting them on the currency showed a lot about the Jerusalem background and culture behind these rare paper money bills.


Should I contact a Paper Money Expert?

Depending on your capabilities, willingness to learn, and the complexity of Palestine Paper Money varieties and conditions, as well as market variables, you could buy, sell, and collect Palestine Currency yourself. Or, you might discover that you would prefer the help of an expert. Either way is okay!

If you end up looking for expert help, it’s important to know many consultants “provide Free Evaluations,” but can vary widely in quality and honesty. Knowing how to choose a trustworthy Paper Money Expert can save you a lot of time and money, as the wrong person can do more harm to your pocketbook than they will help.


The true value of Palestine Banknotes

This can be a difficult area to navigate if you’re a beginner, but in our guide, we hope to help ease the waters just a bit. We will touch lightly on this now, but if you want to learn more about buying or selling Palestine Paper Money, you should read the chapters that dive specifically into those areas. Essentially it comes down to this. 

You should know this. Collecting Palestine paper money from this era is not for the beginner collector, in my opinion. If you’re just starting collecting, you should go after something less expensive. Unless you have money to spend without any repercussions. There are dealers out there who will unfortunately try and take advantage of inexperienced buyers. We’ve been collecting and dealing with paper money for nearly 30 years now, and our name is important to us.

Palestine Banknote Selling Guidelines

Basic principles:

  • Educate yourself on Palestine Paper Money.
  • Don’t sell counterfeit paper money if you know its fake.
  • Avoid unnecessary seller fees on platforms that cost your potentially hundreds of dollars in fees.
  • Find a trustworthy buyer who has been in the industry for decades

Things to avoid:

  • If your banknotes are very valuable, shipping without insurance. (big no-no)
  • Selling your entire collection to a local Pawn or Coin shop who will always give you less money than an online dealer or collector would. (Keep in mind, local shops have monthly overhead costs that we don’t have online, so we can pay a lot more)
  • Using tape or staples near your paper money. (NEVER do this)
  • Improper storage of Palestine paper money, prior to selling it, which can significantly negatively impact its value.


Palestine Banknote Buying Guidelines

Basic principles:

  • Educate yourself on Palestine Paper Money.
  • Find a Paper Money Expert who can help track down rare notes for your collection.
  • Know which series are most commonly counterfeited.
  • Buy graded banknotes to assure authenticity. (Try a company like PMG)
  • Avoid paying too much on platforms like eBay, where sellers NEED to ask for ridiculous amounts of money in order to combat the high seller fees.
  • Find a trustworthy seller who has been in the industry for decades.

Things to avoid:

  • Just like buying jewelry, you do not want to buy at full retail cost; find a reputable dealer who will give you their best deal.
  • Rushing into buying an entire collection at once can demand a significant premium, take your time.
  • Using tape or staples near your paper money. (NEVER do this)
  • Improper storage of Palestine paper money can negatively impact the value later down the line. Consider


Counterfeit Palestine Bills

Considering how valuable some of these bills are, there are a lot of fake Palestine bills in collectors’ possessions. If you have a Palestine banknote and you want to know if it’s real or fake, contact us and we’ll let you know within 24 hours along with our best price offer if you’re interested in selling. I think you may be surprised by how much money we offer for your paper money collection.

Old Palestine Paper Money

1927 Palestine notes were issued for the following denominations:

  • 500 Mills
  • 1 Pound
  • 5 Pounds
  • 10 Pounds
  • 50 Pounds
  • 100 Pounds

Full transparency here… all bills from this series should be worth at least a few hundred dollars. If you have a genuine Palestine banknote and someone offers you less, do not sell to them. We’re always offering strong on all Palestine banknotes. Palestine 100 or 50 pound banknotes with no folds, in uncirculated condition, will also be considered very rare. It’s so uncommon for a note like these to have been kept in pristine conditions for such a long period of time. Most of the Palestine banknotes we see have been through heavy circulation.

We love dealing with world paper money, especially from this series. Consider us serious buyers for these types of banknotes.

500 Mills Palestine Banknotes

We buy Rare U.S. Paper Money from around the Country. Sell your old money collection today!

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