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1861 Demand Note Values has estimated the average value of a Demand Note at $50. An uncirculated (UNC) example is worth $10,000. (read more)

Picture of 1861 $20 Demand Note

How much is my Demand Note worth?

Demand notes are rare, and if you have one the chances of it being valuable are high. The value of Demand Notes is as little as $50 in poor condition and over $10,000 for an extremely rare great condition banknote.

Ideally seeing a banknote in person is the best way for us to see how much we’d pay for a bill. However, if we’re given a clear photo, both front, and back, we’re able to give our best offer. Determining the value of a demand note comes down to a few factors: supply/demand, condition, and market.

Demand Note Information

Demand notes can be some of the most valuable paper money bills you can find in a collection today. While most series of paper money had numerous denominations, demand notes were only issued for 3 denominations: $5, $10, and $20.

One of the biggest concerns people have when first finding a demand note is its authenticity. Determining if a bill is genuine or counterfeit can be challenging for most who don’t have an extensive background with paper money. Most counterfeits are easy for us to distinguish. Simply send us a clear photo, both front, and back, and we’ll tell you whether your bill is real or fake.


Picture of 1861 $5 Demand Note

Demand Note Price Guide

If you want to add a demand note to your currency collection, I’d recommend going after a lower denomination green seal demand note like the $5 bill. This is simply because a lot more of these bills were printed than the higher denomination $10 and $20 bills. Most series of banknotes started with the $1 bill, however with demand notes the five dollar bill is the first and lowest denomination printed for the series.


1861 $10 Demand Note Value

1861 $10 Demand Note Value

I’ll say this: all demand notes, regardless of denomination, are scarce and difficult to get your hands on. The $10 demand note is no exception to this rule. You’ll find Abraham Lincoln pictured on the left-hand side of each $10 Demand note bill.

Interestingly enough, he was still in office when the bills were printed. The United States government shortly made it illegal for any living person to be printed on U.S. paper money shortly after this series was issued.

I’m always looking for additional new and rare types of banknotes to my current collection, especially demand notes. The condition doesn’t really matter. As long as the demand note has not been laminated, this completely kills the value of the banknote. Consider us serious buyers of all denomination and condition demand notes.


1861 $20 Demand Note Value

1861 $20 Demand Note Value

Without a doubt, the $20 demand note from 1861 is the most difficult denomination green seal bill to get your hands on. This is typical with most series, the higher denominations were printed less, and often the first ones to be redeemed during an economic crisis or downturn.

The twenty-dollar demand notes are some of my favorites, however, we do get them offered to us from time to time. Sometimes the signatures on these bills will be completely faded away from environmental damage, however, missing signatures won’t negatively impact its value that much.

If you have a demand note you want to get evaluated, send us a clear image of the bill(s), front and back, and we’ll respond with our best offer within 24 hours.


(We need clear photos first before we can evaluate your paper money)

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