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We Buy Postal Notes from 1883 & 1884

Postal Currency Information

Some of my personal favorite postal notes are those from the earlier dates like 1883 and 1884, especially those on the gold type paper like the one pictured below. Gold postal notes are called Type I by collectors, and everything else is a Type II. These notes can be especially rare and valuable depending on the condition and rarity of the location of issue.

The market for postal notes has always been an interesting one as its always been pretty hit or miss. Postal notes are unique and they were often saved as souvenirs.

Like most collectibles, condition plays a big role when trying to determine the value of a postal note. However, we’ve paid $20 for a postal note in great condition, and almost $500 for a beat-up postal note from a rare city with a serial number 1. This is why it’s important to send us a clear photo of your postal bill so we can better determine its value.


Postal Note Values 1883

Gold Postal Note from Tucson, Arizona

Typically the later issued postal notes will be worth considerably less money in the marketplace. This simply comes down to supply and demand of postal notes during the time. Later issued postal notes were heavily printed and are relatively common to find in collectors today.

You’ll notice if you have a postal note it may have punch holes on either side of the bill. This is completely normal and is often used to signify both the denomination of the postal note and the date of the issue. The below example is a Type II postal note from Tampa, Florida.


Postal Note Values 1887

Postal Note Currency from Tampa, Florida

What were Postal Notes used for?

Postal notes were essentially the equivalent of modern-day money orders of the United States government. Back when they printed these postal bills the most one would be worth would only be $5.

Today, depending on condition, serial number, location of issue, and market, we’ve paid as little as $20 for a postal note, and as much as $1,500. It really all depends. If you want to know how much your postal note is worth, send us a clear image of your bill and we’ll reply with our best offer.

Postal notes were issued for the following dates: 1885, 1886, 1887, 1888, 1889, 1890, 1891, 1892 and 1893.

Postal Note Values 1893

 Old Postal Note from Earlville, New York


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