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Military Payment Certificates – Information, Values, & Sales


Military Payment Certificate Values

What Are MPC’s?

Series 521 Five Dollar Military Payment Certificate Value

Series 521 Five Dollar Military Payment Certificate Value

These small, colorful payment certificates are not as popular among the collector base as they once were. Military Payment Certificates (MPC’s) were once used by Military personnel while serving overseas in order to purchase goods at their stationed base. The lowest denomination MPC is five cents, and the highest twenty dollars. Since these were used by the Military overseas, you’re able to find these banknotes in collections all around the world. Typically we’re approached by customers who were given these as a gift from relatives.


What Is My Military Payment Certificate Worth?

When it comes to the value of your MPC there are many factors we must take into consideration. Condition is a pivotal factor when figuring out how much your MPC is worth. The better condition your banknote is in, the more money it will be worth regardless of type, issue, or denomination.

These MPCs were printed in denominations as low as five cents and as high as twenty dollars. Most people serving in the Military didn’t readily have $5, $10, and $20 MPCs laying around to use at their leisure. The scarcity along with the sheer lack of high denomination MPCs printed makes them difficult to acquire today. The higher the denomination and the better the condition, the more valuable your bill is going to be worth.

The market for these payment certificates was once booming before the market crash of 2007 / 2008. For some reason, people loved collecting these notes and the prices sky-rocketed on many different issues MPCs. Since the crash, the market for these beautiful bills has never been the same. Sure, the market is not entirely depleted as there are a small number of serious collectors left. But it’s definitely nothing compared to what it used to be.

How Do I Know if My MPC is Rare?

Series 661 Twenty Dollar Military Payment Certificate Value

Series 661 Twenty Dollar Military Payment Certificate Value

If you haven’t noticed already, all MPC bills come with a Series number located in at least one position on the bill. The series number is an identifier of when the bill was issued. Different series were printed at different times, and in different quantities. Typically the lower number of bills printed for an MPC issue, the more valuable the bills going to be worth.

Every bill comes with a serial number that includes numbers along with a prefix letter and a suffix letter. In rare instances, the note will be missing a suffix letter. This is what is known as a replacement note. A replacement, also known as a star note on regularly issued banknotes, is a note replacing a bill that was printed with an error or defect. Replacement notes are rare because not many of them were printed.

Here is a list of all the different Series numbers printed for Military Payment Certificates:

Series 461 MPC

Series 461

Series 481 MPC

Series 481

Series 591 MPC

Series 591

Series 651 MPC

Series 651

Series 691 MPC

Series 691

Series 471 MPC

Series 471

Series 521 MPC

Series 521

Series 611 MPC

Series 611

Series 661 MPC

Series 661

Series 692 MPC

Series 692

Series 472 MPC

Series 472

Series 541 MPC

Series 541

Series 641 MPC

Series 641

Series 681 MPC

Series 681

Series 701 MPC

Series 701

Fake, or Counterfeit, Military Payment Certificates

I’ve had the opportunity to handle some of the highest quality MPC counterfeits ever printed. It’s interesting to think these fake MPC bills even exist but they definitely do. During the war these were printed contemporaneously, meaning they were printed during that time in order to be spent at the time. There are some people who try and deceive the collector market and print banknotes today, but since MPCs are so affordable, there’s no reason to falsely print them today.

It’s pretty uncommon to come across a counterfeit MPC, but if you do, it’s likely going to be a $5, $10, or $20 denomination. If a counterfeiter is going to take his time and risk going to prison, they wanted to make it worth their time. There’s no point in printing fake 5 cent bills, it would take too much time for too little payoff.

Interestingly enough, there are some collectors who really enjoy collecting counterfeit MPCs, making them not completely invaluable in the market today. If you have an MPC or MPC collection you’d like to get appraised, make sure you reach out to us today and we’ll help evaluate your collection.

I Took My MPC To A Local Coin Shop And They Offered Me Near Nothing, Is This Correct?

Unfortunately, when you bring any paper money to a local coin shop you won’t get offered as much money as we would offer. However, to be fair to the coin shop, these MPCs aren’t worth what they once were in today’s market. For a coin dealer to make any money on your MPC he’d have to buy them at almost nothing, and honestly, it’s probably not even worth his time. It’s sad, I wish the MPC market wasn’t so horrific but its the truth of the reality.

Point being, if you have an MPC or collection of MPC notes we’ll be able to pay a stronger premium simply because 1) we love the stuff and 2) we don’t have high overhead costs like most people. This allows us to fork up more money and pay more to old banknotes from around the world. This is what makes us the top-rated paper money buyers in the country.


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