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When it comes to us buying old U.S. paper money, we’re recognized as the strongest buyers of these antique paper money bills. What keeps us so competitive is our low overhead costs, we don’t have hundreds of employees or even a brick-and-mortar shop, we’re strictly online. There are exceptions where we’ll meet in person to purchase old paper money. For extremely valuable collections, we’ve even flown around the country to ensure our customer feels safe about the transaction. 

We buy everything, including the following:

  • Silver Certificates
  • Gold Certificates
  • Treasury Notes
  • Legal Tenders
  • 1914 & 1918 Blue Seal Notes
  • National Currency
  • $500 Bills
  • $1,000 Bills
  • 1914 Red Seal Notes
  • Demand Notes
  • Brown Seal Hawaii Notes
  • North Africa Notes
  • Fractional Currency
  • 1918 FRBNs
  • World Notes
  • Postal Notes
  • Confederate Currency
  • Military Payment Certificates

If you’re not sure what you have, and you couldn’t find your bill listed below, you’re more than welcome to reach out and contact us today. We typically respond immediately, but you can expect a response with our best offer within 24 hours of your message.

The first silver certificate ever printed was the large size 1878 bill. The last silver certificate printed was a small size $1 bill from 1957. One of these can be worth thousands while the other could be worth just over its face value of one dollar. Silver certificates were once redeemable for their value in silver. What that means is in the early 1900s you could go to a bank, hand the clerk a $1 silver certificate, and in return receive a dollar’s worth of silver.

Picture of old $5 Silver Certificate bill with allegorical figures on it from 1896

Up until 1934, Gold certificates were once fully redeemable in gold. That means you could bring a $10 gold certificate to a local bank and receive ten dollars worth of gold in return. The first gold certificate ever printed was from 1863 and is extremely scarce and valuable. The last series of gold certificates ever printed were small size bills from 1928. To learn more about gold certificates and their values, click on the image below!

Picture of old $20 Gold Certificate Bill with George Washington's face on it from 1922

United States treasury notes were only printed for two years, 1890 and 1891. There are other banknotes that say “treasury note” on them, but the notes pictured in our guide are considered to be true treasury bills. 1890 treasury notes are typically worth more than the 1891 series, but this isn’t always true. High denomination treasury notes will almost always be worth money than the lower denominations.

Picture of old $1 Treasury Note with Stanton to the left from 1891

Legal tenders are commonly known as United States notes or red seal bills. While the majority have red seals, not all of them do. The example pictured below is a $10 1923 legal tender bill, nicknamed a Pokerchip note. We wrote an in-depth guide for all red seal legal tender notes. Contact us and we’ll respond to you within 24 hours with our best offer.

Picture of old $10 Legal Tender bill with Andrew Jackson's face on it from 1923

Unless your 1914/1918 paper money bill is in extremely great condition, your bill may not be worth as much as anticipated. It’s often we get offered poor condition blue seal bills where we can only offer $20 to $50. There are occasions where we offer hundreds or even thousands of dollars for bills like these in superb condition. Rare serial numbers will always bring a premium with 1914 and 1918 banknotes as well. We purchase everything.

Picture of old $5 blue seal federal reserve note with Abraham Lincoln's face on it from 1914

National Banknotes can be rare depending on the city and state of issue. These bills come with different colored seals (Brown, Red, or Blue) and sizes (Large and Small size). Large size red seal nationals are almost always worth the most money. We have an extensive guide for National paper money, make sure to check it out!

Picture of old $20 blue seal national currency bill from 1902

Old Money Prices has been dealing specifically with $500 and $1000 bills his entire career as a dealer. We are hands down the most aggressive high denomination buyer in the country. If you’re looking to buy or sell your $500 bill, you’ve come to the right place.

Picture of old $500 dollar bill with William McKinley's face on it from 1928

We love $1,000 bills. Some of our customers are bingo halls, some of them your average, everyday collector who wants one as a pocket-piece. This is definitely our area of expertise and we’re widely recognized as paying more than anyone when it comes to these bills. They’re liquid, everyone wants them. The better the condition, the more money it’s going to be worth. Whatever you do, avoid going to a local pawn shop or coin shop as they won’t give you what it’s actually worth! Contact us.

Picture of old $1000 dollar bill with Grover Cleveland's face on it from 1928

Typically when you see a large size paper money bill with a red seal, regardless of its issue date, there’s a good chance it’ll be worth decent money. There are instances where that’s not the case, however. Looking at the bigger denominations for the series 1914 bills, the $50 and $100 denominations specifically can be worth significant money. Low serial numbers, like serial numbers 1 through 9, will bring a lot more money than notes with normal serial numbers.

Picture of old $50 red seal federal reserve note with Grant on it from 1914

These are extreme rarities that were printed during the American Civil War and are considered incredibly valuable in pristine condition. All of these demand notes will come with handwritten signatures, red serial numbers, and green overprints. Demand notes are fun to collect especially for those collectors with big pockets (if you’re looking to complete a high-grade set). We’re paying top dollar for demand notes, consider us serious buyers.

Picture of old $5 demand note with allegorical figure at left from 1861

If you have a bill with blue serial numbers, a blue “10” to the left, and a yellow seal, it’s very likely you have a North Africa bill. There are instances where a bill has been chemically altered to appear like a North Africa note, but its a rare occurrence. What you need to know is the condition. Does it look like the image below? Or does it have a lot of dirt, wrinkles, tears, and folds in it? Regardless, we’re buyers!

Picture of old $10 North African silver certificate with Alexander Hamilton's face on it from 1934

These brown seal Hawaii notes were and the emergency issue of paper money issued during Pearl Harbor. The United States was worried the Japanese would infiltrate our economy with fake paper money, so the U.S. printed these bills with “Hawaii” stamped on either side of the front. There’s also a large HAWAII stamp on the back of these notes. They all come with brown seals and serial numbers. High-grade examples can be valuable.

Picture of $5 brown seal Hawaii note with Abraham Lincoln's face on it from 1934

Fractional currency used to be a lot more valuable before the crash of 2007. They seem to have never really made a full comeback from where they were before. Don’t get me wrong, in some instances these bills can be worth easily hundreds of dollars. The fact is, most in low graded condition is worth $5 to $15 at best. They’re still fun to collect and we love buying them.

Picture of old 50 cent fractional currency with Stanton pictured left and a blue fiber right end

When I first started collecting, this series would always confuse me when it came to distinguishing their date. These bills say both 1914 and 1918 on them depending on where you look. The note pictured below is a $2 1918 Battleship, hence the Battleship pictured on the back of each bill. These 1918 bills can be extremely valuable in high grade and depending on the signature combination can be worth even more.

Picture of old $2 federal reserve bank "battleship" note from 1918

When we get approached with most Foreign Paper Money its common and not worth much. I’m talking about 5 to 15cents per banknote. Don’t let that deter you as the World is a big place, and there are a lot of rare foreign banknotes out there. We’ve paid over $100,000 for a single banknote before, so don’t get discouraged one bit. We’re strong buyers of World paper money and we’ll offer more than anyone else.

Picture of old gold postal note from fort meade and dated 1884

These postal notes are very interesting and a lot of people actually have no idea they exist. There are numerous different varieties for these postal notes, we specifically love hunting down the gold variety as that one tends to be harder to locate. You’ll notice holes on either side of these bills, indicating the year of issue and denominations. Postal notes will come with handwritten signatures and red serial numbers. These postal notes can be dated between 1883 and 1894, however, we specifically enjoy collecting the early dates.

Picture of old gold postal note from fort meade and dated 1884

When it comes to Military Payment Certificates, or MPC’s as collectors call them, we typically purchase all of them. There are instances where they’re in such poor condition its not even worth the customer to ship them to us because they’re so common and inexpensive. When we do buy them, we’re generally spending a few bucks per MPC. However, we have paid hundreds of dollars for particular examples.

Picture of $10 brown and green military payment certificate from series 541

A lot of Confederate Paper money we get questions about are replications of genuine Confederate bills. If you’re interested in getting your bill appraised, do not call, send us a photo via email or text. Confederate paper money was printed during the Civil War by the Confederates States of America from 1861 to 1864. To see all 72 types of Confederate paper money printed, see our full guide!

T-1 1861 Montgomery $1,000 Confederate Paper Money


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