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Old Western Samoa Paper Money Guide

What’s my paper money worth?

Western Samoa 1 Pound 1st May 1961 Treasury Note

Western Samoa 1 Pound 1st May 1961 Treasury Note

Old Western Samoa paper money bills can be incredibly scarce and difficult to come by. In this guide, we’re going to cover any and everything related to the values of Western Samoa banknotes.

We are specifically interested in banknotes from the Government of Samoa and Territory of Western Samoa from 1920 to 1961. Some of these notes can be worth $50 to $100 while others worth thousands of dollars. 

Banknotes from Western Samoa can be valuable, it truly depends on the number of bills that were printed for the specific series.

Western Samoa is a tiny island about 1,600 miles northeast of New Zealand with a population today of only about 157,000. Humid climates like this do not sit well with old paper money, as they can easily get damaged by the abrasive conditions.

How Much is my Western Samoa Paper Money Worth?

Examples of these banknotes come to the market from time to time, so they are not exceptionally rare. However, great condition examples can be worth money. These banknotes have an interesting history and short history. Many of them have been destroyed with a small percentage of survivors today.

You can expect your Western Samoa paper money to be worth at least $50 on a bad day. A lot of value depends on condition and scarcity. We’ve paid up to $2,000 for an extremely rare Western Samoa bill before.

Should I contact a Paper Money Expert?

Depending on your capabilities, willingness to learn, and the complexity of Western Samoa Paper Money varieties and conditions, as well as market variables, you could buy, sell, and collect Western Samoa Currency yourself. Or, you might discover that you would prefer the help of an expert. Either way is okay!

If you end up looking for expert help, it’s important to know many consultants “provide Free Evaluations,” but can vary widely in quality and honesty. Knowing how to choose a trustworthy Paper Money Expert can save you a lot of time and money, as the wrong person can do more harm to your pocketbook than they will help.

Counterfeit Western Samoa Bills

Considering how valuable some of these bills are, there can be a lot of fake Western Samoa bills in collectors’ possessions. If you have a Western Samoa banknote and you want to know if it’s real or fake, contact us and we’ll let you know within 24 hours along with our best price offer if you’re interested in selling. I think you may be surprised by how much money we offer for your paper money collection.

Western Samoa Paper Money

We had a difficult time finding images of issued notes from Western Samoa. Some examples can be hard to locate, mainly ones in great condition. You have to remember a lot of these were destroyed, and the surviving examples were oftentimes stored poorly resulting in a decreased value. Paper money is fragile and can damage easily. A limited number of these banknotes were printed. Click on the images below to find out more information about your old Western Samoa currency.

Below is a list of all Western Samoa paper money that was printed in date and denomination order. If you have any questions about your old currency from Western Samoa, contact us today.

10 Shillings

Western Samoa 10 Shillings 1st October 1917; 1920

Western Samoa 1917; 1920

Western Samoa 10 Shillings 24th May 1951 - 29th October 1959

Western Samoa 1951 – 1959

Western Samoa 10 Shillings 28th December 1960 - 1st May 1961

Western Samoa 1960 – 1961

1 Pound

Western Samoa 1 Pound 1st October 1917; 1920

Western Samoa 1917; 1920

Western Samoa 1 Pound 6th August 1948 - 1st May 1961

Western Samoa 1948 –  1961

Western Samoa 1 Pound 3rd March 1922

Western Samoa 1922

Western Samoa 1 Pound 12th January 1937 - 12th January 1947

Western Samoa 1937 – 1947

5 Pounds

Western Samoa 5 Pounds 1920; 3rd November 1942

Western Samoa 1920; 1942

Western Samoa 5 Pounds 11th April 1956 - 10th December 1959

Western Samoa 1956 – 1959

Western Samoa 5 Pounds 1st May 1961

Western Samoa 1961

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