Old Money Prices

  How to Whitelist our Emails:

Whitelist means when I send you emails, they won’t go to spam or junk mail. It essentially tells your email client you know the sender and you trust them. Here are a few ways to do this.

You can typically avoid my emails going to your spam by adding the address to your Contacts. You can add james@oldmoneyprices.com to your Contact List.

If the emails are going to your “Promotions” Tab (Gmail users):

  1. Go to your Promotions tab and find the emails
  2. Drag the email to the Primary tab of your email inbox.

Yahoo Mail Users:

When you get mail in Yahoo you should see a “+” symbol right next to the From: and the Sender’s Name. Click on the “+” symbol and then Add To Contacts. A pop-up should appear then you click on Save

Outlook 2003 Users & Later:

First find an email from us then right click on the email message in your inbox. Then click Junk E-Mail from the menu and click on Add Send to Safe Senders List in that submenu.

An easy way for Gmail users below to make sure emails get to you.


1) Login to Gmail then click on the Gear icon circled in red, the click on “See all settings”:

2) Click on “Filters and Blocked Addresses” then click on “Create a new filter”:

3) In the From field, type @oldmoneyprices.com then click “Create filter”:

4) Select “Never send it to Spam” then click “Create filter”: