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September 2nd, 1862 Richmond $10 Confederate Bill Value

Year: 1862
Type: Confederate Currency
Denomination: Ten Dollar Bill
Country: United States of America
Number: T-48

T-48 1862 Richmond $20 Confederate Paper Money

Description: $10 Confederate bills dated September 2nd, 1862 should all come with handwritten serial numbers. If your confederate has printed signatures, it is counterfeit. However, if it’s a contemporary counterfeit, it could be worth a lot of money still. At the bottom right corner of the bill is a portrait of Robert M. T. Hunter.

This confederate bill is particularly rare and can be worth a lot of money depending on its condition. Consider us strong buyers of this type of Confederate paper money.

Value: The value of most ten dollar confederate bills is based upon serial number and condition. These confederate notes in high grade can be worth a lot of money. Most will be worth $200 but we’ve paid over $750 for pristine notes.

Text: $10 – Fundable in eight per cent stock or bonds of the confederate states. Richmond – 10 – Six months after the ratification of a treaty of peace between the confederate states & the united states – The confederate states of America will pay ten dollars to bearer – receivable in payments of all dues except export duties – for reg. – for Treasr – ten – Richmond September 2 1862 – 10

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