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February 17th, 1864 Richmond $1 Confederate Bill Value

Year: 1864
Type: Confederate Currency
Denomination: One Dollar Bill
Country: United States of America
Number: T-71

T-71 1864 Richmond $1 Confederate Paper Money

Description: One dollar confederate bills from 1864 all have two large “ONE” printed to the Left and Right-hand sides of the bill. You will see these notes come with a tint of orange/pink ink that makes faking these bills more challenging. At the center of the bill is Clement C. Clay who was a Confederate States Sentaror during the American Civil War (Wiki)

These $1 confederate bills can be worth a surprising amount of money if they’re in great condition. A lot of confederate money was printed, and a lot of it was wasted because after the war it had no value. Today, there is plenty of collector value.

If you want to know exactly how much your bill is worth, consider sending us a photo(s) of your confederate banknotes as you may have something valuable. We are strong buyers of this type of Confederate paper money.

Value: The value of these confederate $1 bills ranges depending on the serial number and overall condition. High condition bills will be worth sometimes over $65, while poor condition bills are worth around $35.

Text: $1 – one dollars – Richmond – Two years after the ratification of a treaty of peace between the confederate states and the United states of america – the confederate states of america will pay to the bearer on demand one dollars –  February 17th 1864 – for register – for treasurer – engraved by Keatinge & ball Columbia S.C. – one – 1

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