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February 17th, 1864 Richmond $500 Confederate Bill Value

Year: 1864
Type: Confederate Currency
Denomination: Five Hundred Dollar Bill
Country: United States of America
Number: T-64

T-64 1864 Richmond $500 Confederate Paper Money

Description: $500 confederate notes from 1864 are some of the most desirable and highly counterfeited confederate bills to exist. The intricate design and high denomination makes them extremely valuable.

People would fake this bill in particular because of its high value, making it worth your time and risk in counterfeiting a bill. We can easily tell the difference, so if you’re unsure you can send us a clear photo and we’ll let you know.

You should still consider sending us a photo(s) of your confederate banknotes as you may have something valuable. Consider us strong buyers of this type of Confederate paper money.

Value: The value of these five hundred dollar confederates will be based upon condition and serial number. Low serial numbers bring a premium and so do high condition bills. Most will be worth $100 while some great condition notes can be worth $400 or more.

Text: $500 – five hundred dollars – Richmond – Two years after the ratification of a treaty of peace between the confederate states and the United states of america – the confederate states of america will pay to the bearer on demand five hundred dollars –  February 17th 1864 – for register – for treasurer – engraved by Keatinge & ball Columbia S.C. – five hundred – 500

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