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Value of 1906 $20 Gold Certificates

Year: 1905, 1906, 1922
Type: Gold Certificate
Denomination: Twenty Dollar Bill

Picture of a $20 dollar gold certificate bill with George Washington's face on it from 1906

How Much is my 1906 $20 Gold Certificate Worth?

1906 $20 Gold Certificates can be worth a lot of money depending on multiple factors. When it comes to old collectible paper money in general, remembering these few key points can help you down the line if you ever decide to sell your banknotes. If you have one as pictured above, you may be in for a real surprise.

These Gold Certificates can be worth a lot of money. Low condition examples are typically worth anywhere from $120 to $150 while pristine condition examples are worth between $300 to $450. In order to accurately determine the condition of a banknote you need to find a paper money expert to help you. Contact us today as we’ve been doing this for over 25 years. We can give you an estimate of how much your bill is worth, no charge to you, with no obligations.

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Picture of 1906 $20 Gold Certificate

1906 $20 Gold Certificate Value

History of 1906 $20 Gold Certificates

Large Size Gold Certificate bills, like the $20 seen above, are extremely popular among collectors today. This large size only lasted until the early 1900s. Many collectors call any large size bill a “horse blanket” note because its large enough to throw over the back of a horse. Metaphorically speaking, of course. Today’s small size banknotes were quickly introduced into circulation as it saved costs on ink, paper, and was easier to carry around.

This 1906 $20 Gold Certificate is very similar looking to the 1922 banknote outside of the date. Less 1906 bills were printed, making them, on average, more valuable today. This very similar print design was also issued for two other years: 1905 and 1922. The only difference between the 1906 and 1922 is their dates. Of the 1906 Gold Certificate, 1905, and 1922 if you had identical condition examples of each, the 1905 Gold Certificate would almost always be worth more money in the market.

Where can I sell my old banknote?

You have many options when it comes to selling your old paper money. With complete transparency, I will tell you, unless you don’t care about getting ripped off, do not visit a local Pawn or Coin shop unless you personally know them. Any physical shop or business with employees has overhead costs that need to be paid, resulting in absolutely needing to get better deals on items. 

Ideally, you want to sell your paper money to a paper money expert who is also a collector (hint hint). We have no overhead costs, no employees, just a small family who loves collecting old paper money bills. We will, without a doubt, offer you the most for your paper money with no obligations to sell to us. We love talking about old banknotes, contact us today and we will respond without 24 hours with our best offer.


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