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Shipping Your Currency Collection


Once you’ve sent us images of your old paper money and we’ve come to an agreement on price, shipping your paper money to us is the next step.

If you want to pay for your shipping online with PayPal, use this link. Or you can go to your local USPS and pay for postage there, but make sure to follow the steps we listed below if you want your package to safely arrive to us.

***DISCLAIMER: Do not write “currency”, “collectible”, “paper money” ANYWHERE on the package. This would only entice criminals to steal a package.


Please purchase enough insurance on your package to cover its value. You’re able to purchase up to $50,000 insurance on one package.

You have a few options, ship insured through us or shipping your own method. Follow the easy steps below.


Shipping Insured

This is the fastest and safest way to ship to us. The service is typically a 1-day delivery. Here is our recommendation for shipping a package with a value over $1,000:

  1. Use a USPS Priority Mail Express Box or Envelope, only
  2. Selected “Signature Required” before shipping
  3. Obtain a tracking number


Step 1:
  • Obtain a Priority Mail Express box or envelope, depending on the number of bills you’re shipping
Priority Mail Express Envelope


Step 2:
  • Package carefully with thick cardboard surrounding the notes
  • AVOID staples, use tape only, but do not put tape on the paper money
  • Make sure to add plenty of tape around the envelope or box


Step 3:
  • Print a shipping label from PayPal or go to your local USPS
  • Select Priority Mail Express Box or Envelope


Step 4:
  • Hand deliver the package to your local USPS representative


Ship Your Own Way

You can always ship however you’d prefer, but we recommend still using a lot of tape on the outside of your package and making sure to avoid using staples anywhere on the package.

You can add insurance to your package, but it may cost more than shipping to us with the method provided above.

We recommend using a 6×9 manilla envelope with cardboard inside, like this one pictured below.

6x9 manilla envelope

We look forward to receiving your paper money collection and hope the steps above are simple yet informative. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

We buy Rare U.S. Paper Money from around the Country. Sell your old money collection today!

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