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Series of 1906 Two Silver Pesos Philippine Islands Certificate Note Value

Year: 1906
Type: The Philippine Islands Banknote
Denomination: Two Pesos
Country: The Philippines

Picture of The Philippine Islands Banknote Two Pesos bill from 1906

Description: The 1906 two silver pesos certificate banknote from The Philippine Islands was the second year printed while The Philippines was under control by the United States. There were no one peso silver certificates printed, the smallest denomination is the one we’re looking at, the two pesos silver certificate. These bills can be rare in better conditions and bring more money to the market.

As you can see over 14 million of these notes were printed, which is astronomical. Surprisingly, even better condition examples will bring decent money to the market. We pay top dollar for banknotes from The Philippine Islands. These banknotes are black and blue with a red seal and serial numbers.

Value: Low-grade examples should be worth at least $25. We would pay over $350 for better condition examples.

Text: Silver Certificate – By Authority Of An Act Of The Congress Of The United States Of America Approved June 23, 1906 – This Certifies That There Have Been Deposited In The Treasury Of The – Philippine Islands – Two Silver Pesos – Payable To The Bearer On Demand – In Silver Pesos Or In Gold Coin Of The United States Of Equivalent Value – Series 1906 – Two Silver Pesos – Manila, Philippine Islands – Rizal





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