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Fancy Serial Numbers on Currency

Picture of $1 bill with fancy serial number

Did you know the money in your wallet could be worth a lot more than just a few dollars? Every note printed in the United States comes with a green seal and serial numbers. There is a chance your bill has a serial number that is rare.

There are many different types of cool, fancy, and rare serial numbers that come in different combinations. We buy currency with fancy serial numbers, but they have to be exactly like the ones listed below. Anything else simply will not be rare.

1. Flippers, aka Rotator Estimated Value: $5 to $100

Collectors call these flippers, PMG calls them rotators. A flipper can be read the same way reading it right side up or upside down.

flippers rotator serial number


We typically do not buy flippers, but they’re generally worth anywhere between $20 to $30 depending on condition.

2. Repeater Serial Number Estimated Value: $5 to $100

In a repeater serial number, the second four digits are a repeat of the first four digits. Examples are 00020002 and 22252225.

You can also have two digits that repeat. Examples are 02020202 and 59595959.

Some repeaters can be valuable. We’ve paid hundreds of dollars for some rare types of fancy repeater serial number bills.

3. Consecutive Estimated Value: $1 to $50

Consecutive serial numbers are any serial number followed by its consecutive number. For example, serial number 00000001 would have a consecutive serial number of 00000002.

consecutive serial numbers



Depending on the date, serial numbers, and condition, your consecutive serial numbered bills could be worth hundreds of dollars.

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4. Low Numbers Estimated Value: $20 to $500

The collectors we sell paper money to love bills with low serial numbers, the lower the better they say. Typically any serial number starting with zero’s and ending with 2 digits bring the most money.

low serial number


It’s good to know a serial number 1 will always be worth more than a serial number 2. And a serial number 2 will always be worth more than a serial number 3, and so on; we’ve paid as much as $10,000 for a serial number 1 bill before.

5. High Numbers Estimated Value: $5 to $50

High or big serial number bills oftentimes come with consecutive numbers and its typically a big number. High number serial numbers can be rare depending on what the serial number is.

high serial number


The higher the serial number, the more valuable the note is considered to be; we’ve paid as much as $10,000 for a solid serial number 9 note like the image above.

6. Binary Bills Estimated Value: $2 to $50

Some collectors refer to binary serial numbers as only those with ones and zeros. However, many say binary bills can be any two numbers.

binary serial number


Another example of a binary serial number would be 00000100.

7. Stand Alone Estimated Value: $5 to $30

The name describes this serial number pretty well, a single number surrounded by other numbers. An example would be 00005000.

stand alone serial number


Not only is this a stand-alone serial number, but it is also a binary serial number because 00001000 has only zeros and ones.

A note like this, depending on condition, we would pay $20 to $30.

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8. Star Notes Estimated Value: $2 to $1,000

Modern star notes typically aren’t worth much, but you can look up the rarity of your star note here. Star notes are bills with a star at the end of the serial number.

star serial number


We typically don’t buy star notes, unless like the image above, its a low serial number AND a star note. We paid over $7,000 for the serial number pictured above.

9. Birthday Notes Estimated Value: $1 to $100

Some collectors want a specific year or date in the serial number, perhaps a famous date or one meaningful to them. For example, a serial number of 01052004 may be valuable to a collector whos child was born January 5, 2004.

A serial number with a special year may also be valuable to some, such as 10002020 or 22221999.

10. Radar Bills Estimated Value: $5 to $100

A serial number that reads the same forwards as it does backward is known by collectors as a radar serial number. For example, 12344321. A great condition, uncirculated  $1 radar could sell for about $25.

radar serial number $1 bill

If only the end two digits are different (like 08888880), you’ve got a super radar, which is more valuable and rare. 

11. Doubles Estimated Value: $5 to $25

Doubles occur when a serial number includes pairs of numbers, such as 12264795. The most valuable type of bill is called a quad double, when a serial number has four sets of doubles (e.g. 11223344).

12. Double Quads Estimated Value: $5 to $25

In a double quad serial number, the first four digits are all the same and the last four digits are all the same, but a different number. Examples are 88882222 and 55559999.

There are 99 double quads: 00001111, 00002222, 00003333, …, 99997777, 99998888 and 99999999. Nine of these are solids. Excluding these, there are 90 double quads.

13. Ladders Estimated Value: $5 to $200

When a serial number ascends (e.g. 12345678) or descends (e.g. 87654321) in order, we call it a ladder.

You’ll also find “broken ladders” meaning one or two digits break the ladder.

ladder serial number


A full ladder serial number in high grade uncirculated can be worth over $1,000.

14. Solids Estimated Value: $100 to $750

A solid serial number is one where every digit is the same, like 88888888. Statistically, only one in every 11 million notes is a solid and they can be worth $500 or more.

$1 bill solid number 8s


Since these serial numbers are so rare, we sell these to collectors who collect near-solids, where only one digit differs, like 88888818.

15. Trailing Zero’s Estimated Value: $20 to $100

Only one in 10 million pieces of currency printed has the chance to end with seven zeros. The bill must end with seven zeros to be considered a trailing zero serial number (e.g. 80000000)

This would NOT be a trailing zero serial number: 00800000

trailing zero serial number

The image above is a trailing serial number note. These notes are often difficult to find. Please contact us for exact pricing if you have a note with seven trailing zeros. You may be surprised by our offer.


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