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Ready to find out the values of your coins without worrying about someone trying to rip you off?

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Our online classroom is set up with a very easy-to-use online platform called Skool. It’s simple. Anyone can use it!

Our Guarantee:

If you do what we say, watch all the exclusive video content, and can prove you did everything we said, but get NO results, we’ll refund you in full. AND work with you to reach your goals.

This means it’s fully on us to give you a system that works.

Masterclass will Help You Achieve:

  • Introduction to the world of Coins & Paper Money
  • Fundamentals of all things Numismatics
  • Researching Tools online
  • How to Store collectibles properly to avoid damage
  • Organization skills for your coins
  • All things relating to Error coins
  • Coin & Paper Money Grading
  • How to Buy online to SAVE the most money
  • How to Sell online to MAKE the most money
  • eBay fundamentals and how to buy/sell
  • Researching with examples of the following coin types:
    • Walking Liberty
    • Standing Liberty
    • Buffalo Nickel
    • Susan B Anthony
    • Liberty Nickel
    • Flying Eagle
    • Three cent piece coins
    • Draped Bust
    • Seated Liberty
    • Barber Half Dollar
  • How to Submit to grading online
  • All things Paper Money
  • Specific Coin types
  • Advanced section (BONUS)

What You’ll Get:

Lifetime access to the Coin Value Club for $0 /month

Lifetime access to the Masterclass program and coaching

✅ Get access to my network of trustworthy Coin Dealers across the United States

✅ Access an exclusive friendly private coin community

✅ In-depth Error coin knowledge

✅ How to spot rare Banknotes

✅ eBay Sales training

✅ Unlockable Bonus Content (Level-up feature!)

✅ 24h (Weekdays) support

✅ Monthly BONUS (Member-exclusive)

✅ Network with other coin enthusiasts

✅ Iron-clad Money back guarantee

✅ Speedy responses in the community group

✅ Getting your most pressing questions answered when it matters most in a respectful, intimate setting

✅ Over 8 hours of exclusive Video content never seen before on YouTube

You will receive a completely verifiable digital certificate that is ready for download and sharing across your social networks.


Become a Certified Numismatist

Let friends and family know about your Numismatic experience with Coins & Paper Money.

The world of numismatics is evolving, and the demand for knowledgeable enthusiasts is on the rise. Our certification program equips you with the latest insights and skills, ensuring you’re at the forefront of this captivating field, whether you’re a coin collector, a history aficionado, or a financial professional seeking to enhance your expertise.

Our certification provides a coveted advantage to your resume. It serves as an immediate indicator to collectors that you possess advanced skills in numismatics and have the ability to utilize them to achieve success.



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✔️ Silver Cheat Sheet (Value: $297)

✔️ Gold Cheat Sheet (Value: $297)

✔️ Canadian Coin Cheat Sheet (Value: $497)

✔️ Coin Pop-report research training (Value: $197)

✔️ Washington Quarter Workshop (Value: $397)

✔️ Collectors Guide to Buying Online (Value: $397)

✔️ Coin & Currency Tool List (Value: $97)

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