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July 25th, 1861 Richmond $5 Confederate Bill Value

Year: July 25th, 1861
Type: Confederate Currency
Denomination: Five Dollar Bill
Country: United States of America
Reproduction Serial Numbers: 1953, 2070, 4763, 11225, 16767, 24497, or 138590 (Do not call, we don’t buy reproductions)
Number: T-11

T-11 1861 Richmond $5 Confederate Paper Money

Description: Every $5 Confederate note from 1861 will be printed with black ink on white/tan plain paper. Some of these bills will come with watermarks that you can see when held up to the light. At the center of each bill you’ll see a woman seated with an eagle and the number 5. In the corners will be the number 5 and the letter V. In the bottom left corner is a man leaning on a stool looking off into the distance. We’re interested buyers of this type of Confederate paper money.

Value: The value of most five dollar confederate bills is based upon serial number and condition. Most will be worth $100 but we’ve paid over $850 for pristine notes.

Text: $5 – Receivable in payment of all dues except export dues – Two years after the date the Confederate states of America will pay to Bearer five dollars – Fundable in Confederate State stock bearing eigh per cent ineterst – Richmond, VA – July 25th 1861 – Register – Treasurer – hoyer & Ludwid Richmond VA – 5 – FIVE

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