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Idaho National Currency Bank Note Information

Picture of $5 red seal, serial number 1, national bank note from the first national bank of rexburg idaho from 1902

Idaho Paper Money

If you’re looking to sell your Idaho national currency paper money, you’ve come to the right place. We’re an online collector/dealer who’s been in the industry for over 25 years, professionally. We’re able to offer more for Idaho currency because we don’t have a brick-and-mortar shop with multiple employees. If you go to a local shop in Idaho, chances are you will get offered LESS money because the shop owner, understandably, has employees to pay!

Paper money from Idaho can be incredibly difficult to come by, which will at times relate to how much it will be worth! For example, $100 bills from Idaho Territory, Idaho City, can be worth hundreds of dollars even in a lower condition. These bills are often from The First National Bank of Idaho and demand a premium.

Where to Buy Idaho National Bank Notes

While we don’t necessarily have hundreds of Idaho national currency bills in stock, we’re always traveling the country finding good deals for our customers. What we essentially do is go hunting for rare banknotes at currency shows and conventions around the United States. This is what we love to do! If you have a desire for an incredibly rare Idaho national bank note, consider us bounty hunters for you!

Idaho National Currency Values

National bank notes from Idaho can fluctuate in value anywhere from $25 to $5,000. It really depends on a multitude of factors that you must take into consideration before getting a price on your banknote.

Idaho paper money condition

Condition is a key factor to consider when dealing with any rare collectible. The better the condition, the “higher the grade” as a lot of dealers and collectors say, the more money it will likely bring in the market. The easiest way for you to find out what your Idaho bill is worth is by sending us a clear image, both front, and back, of your Idaho banknote. We typically respond within 24 hours with our best offer.

Scarcity of Idaho Bills

The scarcity of Idaho paper money will be another determining factor of value when evaluating your Idaho currency. Some national banks only printed thousands of dollars worth of currency, while others tens of millions. It makes sense why some Idaho paper money would be worth more money than others. 

We’ve been offered tens of thousands of dollars worth of Idaho paper money over the years, and what surprises people the most is often times when they have a pretty beat-up Idaho bill that’s worth MORE money than their perfect-condition Idaho bill. This is what we call a scarce banknote!

Market conditions for Idaho Currency

Like most things, the market goes up and down especially during a time of economic crisis. When the economy is seeing a downturn, so does the paper money industry. During the crash of late 2007, the value of old collectible bills dropped significantly due to people not having the luxury of spending lots of money on bills. 

We’ve had Idaho national banknote collectors “fight” over a specific banknote and end up paying a lot more than naturally anticipated for a specific national bill. This happens sometimes. Two astute Idaho collectors, who are very wealthy, both want to get their hands on an Idaho bill that’s never been seen before! You can only imagine how that typically ends up. 

Low or Fancy Idaho Currency Serial Number

Low or fancy serial numbers can positively impact the value of any paper money, especially those from Idaho. If you have a national bank note from Idaho with a serial number 1 through 9, regardless of condition, this is going to have a positive impact on the value. These low serial numbers are the ones that were first printed for the banks, making them rare and difficult to obtain. If you want to learn more about what makes a serial number fancy, check out the full article we wrote about fancy serial numbers.

Selling Idaho Paper Money

If you came across a collection of Idaho paper money and you’re interested in selling, we are buyers and will pay more money than anyone. Give us a chance, if we offer strong, don’t go to someone else and tell them what we offered. Let them offer as strong as they can and see that we truly are strong buyers of these old Idaho banknotes. 

List of All National Banks for Idaho

Charters A – L

  • First National Bank of W American FALLS – 8869
  • First National Bank of ASHTON – 10269
  • First National Bank of BLACKFOOT – 7419
  • First National Bank of IDAHO, BOISE City – 1668
  • BOISE City National Bank, BOISE City – 3471
  • IDAHO National Bank of BOISE – 8346
  • PACIFIC National Bank of BOISE – 10083
  • OVERLAND National Bank of BOISE – 10751
  • First National Bank of BONNERS FERRY – 10727
  • First National Bank of BUHL – 11065
  • First National Bank of BURLEY – 10341
  • CASSIA National Bank of BURLEY – 12256
  • First National Bank of CALDWELL – 4690
  • WESTERN National Bank of CALDWELL – 8225
  • AMERICAN National Bank of CALDWELL  – 9333
  • First National Bank of CHALLIS – 9477
  • First National Bank of COEUR D’ALENE – 6793
  • EXCHANGE National Bank of COEUR D’ALENE – 7120
  • First National Bank of COEUR D’ALENE – 13288
  • First National Bank of COTTONWOOD – 7923
  • First National Bank of DRIGGS – 10278
  • First National Bank of DUBOIS – 11508
  • First National Bank of EMMETT – 6145
  • First National Bank of FAIRFIELD – 10162
  • First National Bank of FIRTH – 11198
  • First National Bank of GENESEE – 4808
  • First National Bank of GOODING – 9371
  • First National Bank of GRANGEVILLE – 6927
  • First National Bank of HAGERMAN – 10294
  • First National Bank of HAILEY – 3895
  • HAILEY National Bank, HAILEY – 9145
  • BLAINE COUNTY National Bank of HAILEY – 11053
  • First National Bank of IDAHO FALLS – 5820
  • AMERICAN National Bank of IDAHO FALLS – 6982
  • IDAHO FALLS National Bank, IDAHO FALLS – 11278
  • First National Bank of JEROME – 9680
  • First National Bank of KELLOGG – 9566
  • First National Bank of KENDRICK – 4790
  • First National Bank of KETCHUM – 3142
  • First National Bank of LEWISTON – 2972
  • LEWISTON National Bank, LEWISTON – 3023
  • IDAHO National Bank of LEWISTON – 5600
  • EMPIRE National Bank of LEWISTON – 10212

Charters L – W

  • AMERICAN National Bank of LEWISTON – 11745
  • LEWISTON National Bank, LEWISTON – 13819
  • First National Bank of MALAD City – 8822
  • First National Bank of MERIDIAN – 10221
  • First National Bank of MONTPELIER – 7381
  • First National Bank of MOSCOW – 3408
  • MOSCOW National Bank, MOSCOW – 4584
  • First National Bank of MOUNTAINHOME – 6521
  • First National Bank of MULLAN – 8906
  • First National Bank of NAMPA – 8370
  • CITIZENS National Bank of NAMPA – 10693
  • FARMERS & MERCHANTS National Bank of NAMPA – 10916
  • First National Bank of NEWDALE – 10975
  • First National Bank of NEZPERCE – 6697
  • First National Bank of PARMA – 11496
  • First National Bank of PAYETTE – 5906
  • PAYETTE National Bank, PAYETTE – 8075
  • First National Bank of POCATELLO – 4023
  • IDAHO National Bank of POCATELLO – 4827
  • BANNOCK National Bank of POCATELLO – 6347
  • First National Bank of PRESTON – 7526
  • First National Bank of REXBURG – 7133
  • JEFFERSON COUNTY National Bank of RIGBY – 11458
  • First National Bank of RIRIE – 10920
  • First National Bank of RUPERT – 10429
  • RUPERT National Bank, RUPERT – 10517
  • First National Bank of SAINT ANTHONY – 5764
  • COMMERCIAL National Bank of SAINT ANTHONY – 7230
  • First National Bank of SAINT MARIES – 10771
  • First National Bank of SALMON – 8080
  • CITIZENS National Bank of SALMON – 9432
  • First National Bank of SANDPOINT – 8341
  • BONNER COUNTY National Bank of SANDPOINT – 9263
  • First National Bank of SHELLEY – 11434
  • First National Bank of SHOSHONE – 6577
  • LINCOLN COUNTY National Bank of SHOSHONE – 9272
  • First National Bank of SOLDIER – 10162
  • First National Bank of TWIN FALLS – 7608
  • TWIN FALLS National Bank, TWIN FALLS – 11274
  • First National Bank of WALLACE – 4773
  • WALLACE National Bank, WALLACE – 9134
  • First National Bank of WEISER – 6754
  • WEISER National Bank, WEISER – 8139
  • First National Bank of WENDELL – 9491


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