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Five Hundred Dollar Silver Certificate Values

1880 $500 Silver Certificate Value

What’s my Five Hundred Dollar Silver Certificate Worth?

$500 Silver Certificates are very rare and seldomly come into circulation. If you have a genuine $500 silver certificate, these bills will always be worth at least $75,000 and sometimes upwards of $500,000. Five hundred dollar silver certificates were printed for 2 different years: 1878, and 1880. There are only Large Size five hundred dollar Silver Certificates, the United States never printed Small Size Silver Certificate paper money for this denomination.

Many Silver Certificates will come with blue ink somewhere on the banknote, either in the serial number, seal, or both. There are some older Silver Certificates from the late 1800s that have Red or Brown seals, these are all Large Size paper money bills.

Determining the value of your old $500 Silver Certificate will depend on many factors we list below, however, typically these banknotes are worth over $2,500. All five hundred dollar Silver Certificate bills are rare, regardless of their condition.

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The first and arguably most important factor is supply and demand. Typically with most Silver Certificates, the older the bills had smaller print runs than later issues, meaning less supply and oftentimes more demand. I’ve purchased bills from the late 1700s with incredibly low supply thinking the low supply would equate to high demand only to find this wasn’t the case.

One of the many reasons why Silver Certificates have the demand they do is because of their history. These $500 Silver Certificates were once fully redeemable at banks for their value in silver. This means you could bring a $500 Silver Certificate to the bank, in the early 1900s, and get $500 worth of silver in return.

Something many people don’t take into consideration is rare serial numbers. If you’re unsure what a rare or fancy serial number is, check out this guide we wrote on fancies to learn more. A fancy serial number can dramatically increase the value of a banknote, regardless of type or condition.

Condition is a pivotal factor when trying to figure out how much your $500 Silver Certificate is worth. Beat up Silver certs from 1891 are typically worth over $2,500, while pristine uncirculated examples will fetch over $10,000 at times. Condition really is King and should be taken seriously when trying to determine the value of a bill. Contact us if you’re unsure how to grade your Silver Certificate as we have decades of experience in this area.

The final factor in determining the value of your $500 Silver Certificate is the market. The market has a strong impact on how much a bill is going to be worth. Just like any market, the market for collectible paper money is constantly in flux. One of the most detrimental moments I’ve experienced while collecting and dealing with paper money was during the housing crash of 2008. The market for old banknotes nearly cut in half, as this collectible was not desirable at the time.


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