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Value of 1928 $500 Gold Certificates

Year: 1928
Type: Gold Certificate
Denomination: Five Hundred Dollar Bill

Picture of 1928 $500 Gold Certificate

1928 $500 Gold Certificate Information

Five hundred dollar Gold Certificates from 1928 are probably our favorite high denomination Gold Certificate bill to collect and are pretty rare to see in collections today.

In the early 1900s, anyone could bring any Gold Certificate bill to a bank and receive equal value to the denomination in gold. This was quickly halted in 1934 when President Roosevelt’s Gold Reserve Act (Wiki).

How much is my 1928 $500 Gold Certificate Worth?

The value of five hundred dollar Gold Certificates from 1928 can weigh heavily on a number of factors. If you’re not sure how much your old Gold Certificate is worth, contact us today and we’ll help you determine the value of your bill and respond with our best offer.

Easily one of the most important factors to determine value with Gold Certificates is Condition. Poor condition notes are worth about $1,500 while the same note in pristine condition will be worth over $3,500.

The market will always have a strong impact on how much a 1928 Gold Certificate will be worth. The price of Gold Certificates dropped heavily with the market crash of 2008/2009 and never fully recovered. This is typical with paper money collecting and should be taken into consideration when trying to sell your old Gold Certificates.

Supply and demand are essential for knowing the value of any type of Gold Certificate collectible bill. The 1928 $500 Gold Certificate was heavily printed because it was the smallest bill ever printed that was a Gold Certificate fully redeemable in Gold. When a massive number of bills is printed for a run, the supply goes up and demand in the collectible market goes down.

Star notes & Rare serial numbers are truly something to take into consideration when determining the value of old Gold Certificate notes. Star notes will nearly triple the value of your Gold Certificate immediately. As for rare or fancy serial numbers, we wrote a whole in-depth guide here that will help you determine if your bill has one of these serial numbers. Rare serial numbers will almost always increase the value of your bill.


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