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Value of 1882 $500 Gold Certificates

Year: 1882
Type: Gold Certificate
Denomination: Five Hundred Dollar Bill

Description: The five hundred dollar denomination 1882 gold certificates are some of my personal favorite gold certificate ever issued. These notes can be rare depending upon the condition, serial number, and signature combination. If you’re unsure how to distinguish between a rare and common type, contact us today and we’ll assist you.

These notes will always have Abraham Lincoln located on the left side of every banknote. The $500 is particularly appealing to collectors because of the vibrant white paper and gold ink. The red scalloped seal to the right of Lincoln can be either brown or red depending on the variety

What makes gold certificates so attractive is the story they have. Back in the late 1800s and early 1900s you could bring this bill to a local bank and trade it in for an equal value of gold. The ability to trade a piece of paper for a gold coin had a lot of appeal to many people during the time. A lot of these bills were redeemed and destroyed, making some types very difficult to get your hands on.

1882 $500 Gold Certificate Value

1882 $500 Gold Certificate Value

Value & Information: Value can be determined by condition, signature combinations, and seal types. This is the second $500 gold certificate issued by the United States. There are seven different types of 1882 $500 gold certificates. Many are worth $1,800. The rarer types can be worth up to $20,000. Please do your research before you sell your gold certificate, or contact us for assistance.

I’ve handled plenty of the $500 1882 gold certificate type to know exactly the value of your particular bill. If you’re looking to sell your paper money please make sure it’s with a paper money expert, even if we aren’t your first choice. Avoid local coin shops as they will likely try and pay you too little for your collection. If you want to talk to us about it, or are interested in selling your bills, please contact us today.


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