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Value of 1878 $500 Silver Certificates

Year: 1878
Type: Silver Certificate
Denomination: Five Hundred Dollar Bill
Portrait: Charles Sumner

Description: Five hundred dollar silver certificates from 1878 are very rare and are seldom encountered in the market. This bill looks almost identical to the later dated 1880 $500 silver certificate; we wrote a price guide you can see if you want more information. We would love to see what you have, please contact us by email or phone today.

As seen below, these bills have blue serial number ink and come with either red or brown seal ink at the center of each note. These notes are very beautiful, and rarely seen intact. If you have an example that looks similar to the image below, we would love to help you with any questions you have, free of charge and no obligation.

1878 $500 Silver Certificate Value

1878 $500 Silver Certificate Value

Value: The value of 1878 five hundred dollar silver certificates is based upon condition, but even in lower grades can bring a lot of money. These high denomination silver certificates hit the market so infrequently it’s hard to give an exact value. These almost always bring over $100,000. Some high-grade examples will bring close to $500,000. If you need help determining what type of silver certificate you have, we would be glad to help you today.

It is rare for these five hundred dollar silver certificates to become available in the market. If you are fortunate to own a piece of history like this, we want to hear about it and help you with your decision about this bill. If you want to talk to us about it, or are interested in selling the bill, please contact us today.


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