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Delaware National Currency Bank Note Information

Picture of 1882 $10 Milford Delaware Brown Back National Bank Note with Christopher Columbus with a kite to the LEft

Value of Old Delaware National Bank Notes

If you have a national bill from Delaware, there is a chance you have something pretty rare. Do understand, there are some Delaware banknotes that are common and only worth $20 to $75. Most large size bills are going to be worth over $100 depending on their condition and issuing bank. 

If you’re looking to sell your old Delaware national currency, you’ve come to the right place!

Selling Delaware Currency

When it comes to selling paper money from Delaware, it’s important to know the many factors to take into consideration before you actually sell. I recommend reaching out to a Delaware paper money expert who will appraise your collection, for free. Do not go to any local coin shop or pawn shop, as chances are they don’t know exactly how much the bill is going to be worth. 

We are collectors at heart. We don’t have a brick-and-mortar shop with employees to pay. We offer the most aggressive prices in the country because of this. Consider us serious buyers.

How much is my Delaware National Bank Note Worth?

There are many factors to take into consideration when determining the value of a bank note from Delaware. Please realize also that prices often fluctuate depending on current market conditions. If the economy is doing poorly, it usually correlates to a poor paper money market as well. 

Like most things, supply and demand play a pivotal part in the value of Delaware paper money bills. An older Delaware bill from 1897 will almost always have more demand than a more common small size 1929 brown seal Delaware banknote simply because more of them were printed. 

Some banks only issued a small amount of paper money, making them hard to locate. There are some banks that issued paper money, yet we’ve still been able to see one show up in the market. It’s these rare “black swan” Delaware notes that everyone wants to get their hands on. 

Every bank issued a different amount of paper money. Some more, some less. Depending on how much money a Delaware national bank issued will likely show how much the bill may be worth. 

There are some large size paper money bills from Delaware that can be extremely valuable. Let’s take for example The First National Bank of Wilmington. This bank has some extremely rare and valuable brown seal large size Delaware notes that can be worth thousands of dollars. 

We wrote a whole in-depth guide about fancy serial numbers you can check out here, but without going into too much detail many collectors enjoy rare serial numbers. For example, the first banknotes printed always start with Serial Number 1. If you have a banknote with a low serial number like Serial Number 1 through 9, there’s a high likelihood your banknote is valuable, regardless of condition.

Condition condition condition. Condition plays such a large role when figuring out how much money a banknote is worth. Like many collectibles, if a Delaware bill looks like its been through the wringer, and is an eye-sore, fewer people are going to want this particular banknote. 

Last but not least, because it is very important, the market plays a large factor when it comes to the value of Delaware paper money. If the market is happy, the paper money market is happy. Delaware bills do really well when the economy is on an upward spiral because people are willing to spend more money on their collections. 

These are the variables to take into consideration: supply & demand, condition (eye appeal matters), the market, and the serial number. If you’re unsure how valuable your Delaware National Bank Note is, send us a clear photo of the front and back of the bill. We typically respond fast, within 24 hours of your text, email, or phone call.

Below is a list of every issuing national currency bank for Delaware. As you may notice, we love talking about old paper money that was printed around the United States. We would love to talk to you about your old Delaware banknote. Contact us today, we’re the real deal!

List of All National Banks for Delaware

Charters #473 – 9428

  • First National Bank of DAGSBORO – 8972
  • DELAWARE City National Bank, DELAWARE City – 1332
  • First National Bank of DELMAR – 7211
  • First National Bank of DOVER – 1567
  • First National Bank of FELTON – 9132
  • First National Bank of FRANKFORD – 8918
  • First National Bank of FREDERICA – 5421
  • First National Bank of GEORGETOWN – 5930
  • First National Bank of HARRINGTON – 3883
  • PEOPLES National Bank of LAUREL – 6726
  • LEWES National Bank, LEWES – 5148
  • CITIZENS National Bank of MIDDLETOWN – 1181
  • PEOPLES National Bank of MIDDLETOWN – 3019
  • First National Bank of MILFORD – 2340
  • National Bank of NEWARK – 1536
  • NEWPORT National Bank, NEWPORT – 997
  • NEW CASTLE COUNTY National Bank of ODESSA – 1281
  • First National Bank of SEAFORD – 795
  • SUSSEX National Bank of SEAFORD – 3693
  • SELBYVILLE National Bank, SELBYVILLE – 6718
  • FRUIT GROWERS National Bank of SMYRNA – 2336
  • National Bank of SMYRNA – 2381
  • First National Bank of WILMINGTON – 473
  • UNION National Bank of WILMINGTON – 1390
  • National Bank of DELAWARE AT WILMINGTON – 1420
  • CENTRAL National Bank of WILMINGTON – 3395
  • First National Bank of WYOMING – 9428


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