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Connecticut National Currency Bank Note Information

Picture of 1929 Type 2 $10 Meriden Connecticut National Bank Note with Alexander Hamilton at the center

Value of Old Connecticut National Bank Notes

Connecticut is interesting when it comes to national bank notes. There were 117 issuing bank charters in 65 different Connecticut towns. This is a relatively small number compared to some states, like Pennsylvania. If you have old paper money from Connecticut, we are strong buyers. We buy all types of paper money from around the world.

Each bank I list below has detailed information about each bank:

  • How many dollars worth of national currency were printed
  • When the bank opened
  • When it stopped printing money
  • How many years it printed paper money for
  • How many types of national currency the bank issued
  • The charter number (to distinguish the bank with a number) and also the banks’ location (county)

Interested in selling your old Connecticut currency? We require clear photos of both the front and back of your Connecticut bill so we can accurately determine its value. Expect a response within 24 hours from us.

Buy or Sell old Connecticut bank notes

It really depends what your goal is when it comes to Connecticut paper money. Are you a collector wanting to grow your collection? Or are you someone who came to acquire some Connecticut banknotes, and you’re trying to find out what they’re worth.

Either way, you’ve come to the right place. We are here to help! If you want to grow your collection or sell your collection, we’ll do both. We offer a Connecticut banknote finding service where we will track down specific banks for you. We do this for a profession, and we’re constantly traveling all around the United States looking for rare paper money.

Now, let’s say you’ve stumbled upon a rare Connecticut banknote and you want money fast. The worst thing you could do is bring it to an un-knowing coin dealer at a coin shop, or a local pawn shop. These places typically don’t know the true value and won’t pay nearly as much as we will. 

We’re collectors by nature. We don’t have a brick-and-mortar shop with employees to pay. We offer the most aggressive prices in the country because of this. Consider us serious buyers.

How much is my Connecticut National Bank Note Worth?

As much as we’d like to say your old Connecticut paper money is worth thousands of dollars, the chances of that are pretty slim. But there are some Connecticut national bank notes that are worth thousands of dollars, and we’ve paid that much. The majority of national bank notes from Connecticut that we buy are valued at around $20 to $150. Which is still good money, but nothing to retire from!

With most old paper money, supply and demand are a huge determining factor when trying to figure the value of a Connecticut banknote. There are times when the market is in high demand and the notes are selling for more. We’ve had a few Connecticut national banknote collectors compete over some collections we’ve sold, which heavily increased the value for these bills. 

The fact is, some Connecticut banknotes are in low demand while others are scarce and in high demand. The market for national banknotes has dwindled over the years, but there are still plenty of avid collectors in the community that we stay in close contact with.

Each bank issued different amounts of currency, depending on the demands for the paper money back in the early 1900s in the specific town. 

Some large size paper money from Connecticut can be very valuable. For example, The Clinton National Bank Of Clinton has some large size red seal bills that can be worth thousands of dollars. The bills in pristine condition will be worth even more. 

We wrote a whole in-depth guide about fancy serial numbers you can check out here, but without going into too much detail many collectors enjoy rare serial numbers. For example, the first banknotes printed always start with Serial Number 1. If you have a banknote with a low serial number like Serial Number 1 through 9, there’s a high likelihood your banknote is valuable, regardless of condition.

Like most collectibles, Condition plays a huge factor when determining the value of a Connecticut banknote. A beat-up Connecticut note could be worth $50, while a perfect banknote with no folds could be easily worth hundreds.

One of the last factors and the most volatile would be the market. The market is always fluctuating, and typically follows suit with the economy. During the crash of 2007/2008 we saw a huge dropoff when it came to prices in old paper money. As I’m typing this, we’re currently dealing with the COVID-19 virus that’s negatively impacting the economy (I hope it’s over soon!). But that does not mean your bill isn’t worth good money still.

These are the variables to take into consideration: supply & demand, condition (overall eye appeal matters), the market, and the serial number. If you’re unsure how valuable your Connecticut National Bank Note is, send us a clear photo of the front and back of the bill. We will respond within 24 hours with a free appraisal and our best offer if you want to sell your banknote.

Below is a list of every issuing national currency bank for Connecticut. As you may notice, we love talking about old paper money that was printed around the United States. We would love to talk to you about your old Connecticut banknote. Contact us today, we’re the real deal!

List of All National Banks for Connecticut

Charters A – N

  • ANSONIA National Bank, ANSONIA – 1093
  • First National Bank of BETHEL – 1141
  • BETHEL National Bank, BETHEL – 10289
  • BIRMINGHAM National Bank, BIRMINGHAM – 1098
  • First National Bank of BRIDGEPORT – 335
  • BRIDGEPORT National Bank, BRIDGEPORT – 910
  • CITY National Bank of BRIDGEPORT – 921
  • CONNECTICUT National Bank of BRIDGEPORT – 927
  • PEQUONNOCK National Bank of BRIDGEPORT – 928
  • BRISTOL National Bank, BRISTOL – 2250
  • WINDHAM COUNTY National Bank of BROOKLYN – 1360
  • CANAAN National Bank, CANAAN – 8511
  • CLINTON National Bank, CLINTON – 1314
  • DANBURY National Bank, DANBURY – 943
  • N PAHQUIOQUE Bank of DANBURY – 1132
  • WINDHAM COUNTY National Bank of DANIELSON – 1360
  • DEEP RIVER National Bank, DEEP RIVER – 1139
  • BIRMINGHAM National Bank of DERBY – 1098
  • National Bank of NEW ENGLAND, EAST HADDAM – 1480
  • National Bank of NEW ENGLAND of EAST HADDAM – 7812
  • BYRAM National Bank of EAST PORT CHESTER – 12973
  • SAYBROOK National Bank of ESSEX – 1084
  • ESSEX National Bank, ESSEX – 8936
  • National IRON Bank of FALLS VILLAGE – 1214
  • GREENWICH National Bank, GREENWICH – 8243
  • GUILFORD National Bank, GUILFORD – 5358
  • First National Bank of HARTFORD – 121
  • N EXCHANGE Bank of HARTFORD – 361
  • CHARTER OAK National Bank of HARTFORD – 486
  • PHOENIX National Bank of HARTFORD – 670
  • AETNA National Bank of HARTFORD – 756
  • AMERICAN National Bank of HARTFORD – 1165
  • MERCANTILE National Bank of HARTFORD – 1300
  • FARMERS & MECHANICS National Bank of HARTFORD – 1321
  • HARTFORD National Bank, HARTFORD – 1338
  • CITY National Bank of HARTFORD – 1377
  • COLONIAL National Bank of HARTFORD – 10796
  • CAPITOL National Bank of HARTFORD – 13038
  • JEWETT City National Bank, JEWETT City – 1478
  • First National Bank of LITCHFIELD – 709
  • First National Bank of MERIDEN – 250
  • HOME National Bank of MERIDEN – 720
  • MERIDEN National Bank, MERIDEN – 1382
  • First National Bank of MIDDLETOWN – 397
  • MIDDLESEX COUNTY National Bank of MIDDLETOWN – 845
  • MIDDLETOWN National Bank, MIDDLETOWN – 1216
  • CENTRAL National Bank of MIDDLETOWN – 1340
  • PLAINFIELD National Bank of MOOSUP – 10145
  • MYSTIC National Bank, MYSTIC – 1268
  • First National Bank of MYSTIC BRIDGE – 251
  • MYSTIC RIVER National Bank, MYSTIC RIVER – 645
  • NAUGATUCK National Bank, NAUGATUCK – 3020
  • NEW BRITAIN National Bank, NEW BRITAIN – 1184
  • MECHANICS National Bank of NEW BRITAIN – 3668
  • CITY National Bank of NEW BRITAIN – 12846
  • First National Bank of NEW CANAAN – 1249
  • First National Bank of NEW HAVEN – 2
  • SECOND National Bank of NEW HAVEN – 227

Charters N – W

  • YALE National Bank of NEW HAVEN – 796
  • MERCHANTS National Bank of NEW HAVEN – 1128
  • N TRADESMENS Bank of NEW HAVEN – 1202
  • NEW HAVEN National Bank, NEW HAVEN – 1243
  • NEW HAVEN COUNTY National Bank, NEW HAVEN – 1245
  • First National Bank of NEW HAVEN – 2682
  • TRADESMENS National Bank of NEW HAVEN – 13704
  • First National Bank of NEW LONDON – 196
  • National Bank of commERCE of NEW LONDON – 6 6 6
  • National WHALING Bank of NEW LONDON – 978
  • NEW LONDON City National Bank, NEW LONDON – 1037
  • National UNION Bank of NEW LONDON – 1175
  • First National Bank of NEW MILFORD – 1193
  • FAIRFIELD COUNTY National Bank of NORWALK – 754
  • National Bank of NORWALK – 942
  • CENTRAL National Bank of NORWALK – 2342
  • First National Bank of NORWICH – 65
  • SECOND National Bank of NORWICH – 224
  • First National Bank of NORWICH – 458
  • THAMES National Bank of NORWICH – 857
  • UNCAS National Bank of NORWICH – 1187
  • NORWICH National Bank, NORWICH – 1358
  • SHETUCKET National Bank of NORWICH – 1379
  • MERCHANTS National Bank of NORWICH – 1481
  • PAWCATUCK National Bank, PAWCATUCK – 919
  • First National Bank of PLAINFIELD – 10145
  • First National Bank of PLAINVILLE – 9313
  • PLANTSVILLE National Bank, PLANTSVILLE – 12637
  • First National Bank of PORTLAND – 1013
  • First National Bank of PUTNAM – 448
  • THOMPSON National Bank of PUTNAM – 1477
  • First National Bank of RIDGEFIELD – 5309
  • First National Bank of ROCKVILLE – 186
  • ROCKVILLE National Bank, ROCKVILLE – 509
  • VALLEY National Bank of SEYMOUR – 5499
  • First National Bank of SOUTH NORWALK – 502
  • CITY National Bank of SOUTH NORWALK – 2643
  • SOUTHINGTON National Bank, SOUTHINGTON – 2814
  • SOUTHPORT National Bank, SOUTHPORT – 660
  • STAFFORD National Bank of STAFFORD SPRINGS – 686
  • First National Bank of STAFFORD SPRINGS – 3914
  • First National Bank of STAMFORD – 4
  • STAMFORD National Bank, STAMFORD – 1038
  • PEOPLES National Bank of STAMFORD – 12400
  • First National Bank of STONINGTON – 735
  • First National Bank of SUFFIELD – 497
  • THOMASTON National Bank, THOMASTON – 3964
  • THOMPSON National Bank, THOMPSON – 1477
  • TOLLAND COUNTY National Bank, TOLLAND – 1385
  • BROOKS National Bank of TORRINGTON – 5231
  • TORRINGTON National Bank, TORRINGTON – 5235
  • First National Bank of WALLINGFORD – 2599
  • WATERBURY National Bank, WATERBURY – 780
  • CITIZENS National Bank of WATERBURY – 791
  • MANUFACTURERS National Bank of WATERBURY – 2494
  • FOURTH National Bank of WATERBURY – 3768
  • First National Bank of KILLINGLY AT WEST KILLINGLY – 450
  • First National Bank of WEST MERIDEN – 250
  • First National Bank of WESTPORT – 394
  • WINDHAM National Bank WILLIMANTIC – 1614
  • First National Bank of WILLIMANTIC – 2388
  • WINDHAM National Bank, WINDHAM – 1614
  • HURLBUT National Bank of WINSTED – 1494
  • First National Bank of WINSTED – 2414
  • WINSTED National Bank, WINSTED – 2419


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