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Arkansas National Currency Bank Note Information

Picture of 1929 $5 Type 1 Brown Seal Wynne Arkansas National Bank Note with Abraham Lincoln's face at the center

Value of Old Arkansas National Bank Notes

Arkansas had 114 bank charters that issued national currency in 71 different towns. Compared to most states, this isn’t a large number. However, a lot of national bank notes from Arkansas are relatively easy to afford. There are about 2566 pieces of currency from national banks in Arkansas. This number continues to climb as more are found in collections. Consider us serious buyers for all old paper money from Arkansas.

Each bank I list below has detailed information about each bank:

  • How many dollars worth of national currency were printed
  • When the bank opened
  • When it stopped printing money
  • How many years it printed paper money for
  • How many types of national currency the bank issued
  • The charter number (to distinguish the bank with a number) and also the banks’ location (county)

Interested in selling your old Arkansas currency? Send us a clear photo, front and back, of your Arkansas banknote and we’ll reply within 24 hours with our best offer.

Buy or Sell old Arkansas bank notes

If you’re looking to buy or sell any type of paper currency from Arkansas, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve dealt with some of the largest collections in U.S. history when it comes to old paper money. If you’re a collection and you want to buy Arkansas national bank notes, and you’re looking for a specific bank, we will track it down for you.

Say you stumble upon an old Arkansas banknote, or you’ve been handed down a collection from a relative. The last thing you want is to get ripped off by a local pawn or coin shop when selling.

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How much is my Arkansas National Bank Note Worth?

There will be no straightforward answer when it comes to the value of Arkansas banknotes. A lot of the time, these notes are relatively cheap and affordable. However, there are always exceptions to the rule. We’ve paid thousands of dollars for extremely rare examples from Arkansas. Also, the better the condition the more money it will likely bring.

The first factor is supply and demand. Typically, the earlier dated Arkansas currency is worth more money; as long as the supply is low for the particular bill. The market is constantly fluctuating, which makes pinpointing an evergreen value impossible.

The reality for some banknotes is there can be extremely low supply, but there are no collectors interested in the bank. Some states that issued national currency have a larger collector base than others, making their value significantly increase.

Each bank issued different amounts of currency, depending on the demands for the paper money back in the early 1900s in the specific town. 

Some Arkansas banks issued a lot of paper money. While other banks, like First National Bank of Fort Smith, issued a small amount. Finding a note from the Fort Smith national bank would be a true rarity which we would pay thousands of dollars for.

We wrote a whole in-depth guide about fancy serial numbers you can check out here, but without going into too much detail many collectors enjoy rare serial numbers. For example, the first banknotes printed always start with Serial Number 1. If you have a banknote with a low serial number like Serial Number 1 through 9, there’s a high likelihood your banknote is valuable, regardless of condition.

Condition is a key factor when determining the value of an Arkansas national bank note. We’ve paid a few hundred dollars for a poor condition example Arkansas banknote when in the past we’ve paid quite literally thousands of dollars for the same banknote in pristine condition.

The final variable when determining an Arkansas national banknotes value is the market. Markets are constantly fluctuating for better or worse. When you buy or sell national banknotes from Arkansas, it really depends on the market and how much money it brings. We will help you with your old paper money, contact us for more information.

These are the variables to take into consideration: supply & demand, condition (overall eye appeal matters), the market, and the serial number. If you’re unsure how valuable your Arkansas National Bank Note is, send us a clear photo of the front and back of the bill. We will respond within 24 hours with a free appraisal and our best offer if you want to sell your banknote.

Below is a list of every issuing national currency bank for Arkansas. As you may notice, we love talking about old paper money that was printed around the United States. We would love to talk to you about your old Arkansas banknote. Contact us today, we’re the real deal!

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List of All National Banks for Arkansas

Charters A – H

  • CITIZENS National Bank of ARKADELPHIA – 10087
  • First National Bank of ASHDOWN – 10486
  • First National Bank IN ASHDOWN – 13534
  • First National Bank of BATESVILLE – 7556
  • MAXFIELD National Bank of BATESVILLE – 8864
  • First National Bank of BENTON – 9494
  • First National Bank of BENTONVILLE – 7523
  • BENTON COUNTY National Bank of BENTONVILLE – 8135
  • First National Bank of BERRYVILLE – 10406
  • CAMDEN National Bank, CAMDEN – 4066
  • CITIZENS National Bank of CAMDEN – 14096
  • First National Bank of CLARKSVILLE – 9633
  • FARMERS National Bank of CLARKSVILLE – 11580
  • First National Bank of CONWAY – 13719
  • First National Bank of CORNING – 7311
  • First National Bank of COTTON PLANT – 10723
  • First National Bank of DARDANELLE – 11276
  • First National Bank of DeOUEEN – 5929
  • First National Bank of DeWITT – 10178
  • First National Bank of EARLE – 9324
  • First National Bank of EL DORADO – 7046
  • CITIZENS National Bank of EL DORADO – 7323
  • First National Bank of EUDORA – 12813
  • First National Bank of EUREKA SPRINGS – 8495
  • First National Bank of FAYETTEVILLE – 7346
  • National Bank of FAYETTEVILLE – 7952
  • ARKANSAS National Bank of FAYETTEVILLE – 8786
  • First National Bank of FORDYCE – 9501
  • First National Bank of FORREST City – 10550
  • National Bank of EASTERN ARKANSAS of FORREST City – 13637
  • First National Bank of FORT SMITH – 1631
  • National Bank of WESTERN ARKANSAS, FORT SMITH – 1950
  • AMERICAN National Bank of FORT SMITH – 3634
  • FORT SMITH National Bank, FORT SMITH – 4995
  • MERCHANTS National Bank of FORT SMITH – 7240
  • CITY National Bank of FORT SMITH – 10609
  • First National Bank of GENTRY – 12340
  • First National Bank of GRAVETTE – 8237
  • First National Bank of GREEN FOREST – 10422
  • First National Bank of GREENWOOD – 6786
  • CITIZENS National Bank of GREENWOOD – 10983
  • First National Bank of GURDON – 13210
  • First National Bank of HARRISON – 5890
  • PEOPLES National Bank of HARRISON – 10801
  • CITIZENS National Bank of HARRISON – 12291
  • First National Bank of HARTFORD – 11748
  • FARMERS & MINERS National Bank of HARTFORD – 11830
  • First National Bank of HEBER SPRINGS – 11180
  • First National Bank of HELENA – 3662

Charters H – W

  • PHILLIPS National Bank of HELENA – 13520
  • First National Bank of HOLLY GROVE – 12296
  • HOPE National Bank, HOPE – 8594
  • CITIZENS National Bank of HOPE – 10579
  • First National Bank of HOPE – 12533
  • First National Bank of HORATIO – 10447
  • ARKANSAS National Bank of HOT SPRINGS – 2832
  • HOT SPRINGS National Bank, HOT SPRINGS – 2887
  • CITIZENS National Bank of HOT SPRINGS – 7531
  • First National Bank of HUNTSVILLE – 8952
  • First National Bank of HUTTIG – 10060
  • First National Bank of JONESBORO – 8086
  • First National Bank of JUDSONIA – 10439
  • First National Bank of LAKE VILLAGE – 11262
  • First National Bank IN LAKE VILLAGE – 13632
  • First National Bank of LAMAR – 12238
  • First National Bank of LESLIE – 10138
  • First National Bank of LEWISVILLE – 9354
  • First National Bank of LINCOLN – 11825
  • MERCHANTS National Bank of LITTLE ROCK – 1648
  • EXCHANGE National Bank of LITTLE ROCK – 3300
  • GERMAN National Bank of LITTLE ROCK – 3318
  • STATE National Bank of I LITTLE ROCK – 6902
  • ENGLAND National Bank of LITTLE ROCK – 9037
  • COMMERCIAL National Bank of LITTLE ROCK – 14000
  • First National Bank of MALVERN – 7634
  • First National Bank of MANSFIELD – 11195
  • National Bank of MANSFIELD – 11196
  • First National Bank of MARKED TREE – 11122
  • First National Bank of MARSHALL – 10794
  • ARKANSAS National Bank of MARSHALL – 10795
  • First National Bank IN McGEHEE – 13280
  • First National Bank of MENA – 7163
  • National Bank of MENA – 7829
  • PLANTERS National Bank of MENA – 13693
  • First National Bank of MORRILTON – 10434
  • First National Bank of NASHVILLE – 11113
  • First National Bank of NEWARK – 9022
  • First National Bank of NEWPORT – 6758
  • First National Bank of PARAGOULD – 6846
  • National Bank of COMMERCE of PARAGOULD – 10004
  • NEW First National Bank of PARAGOULD – 13155
  • First National Bank of PARIS – 11592
  • First National Bank of PERRY – 6706
  • First National Bank of PINE BLUFF – 2776
  • SIMMONS National Bank of PINE BLUFF – 6680
  • National Bank of ARKANSAS AT PINE BLUFF – 10768
  • National Bank of COMMERCE of PINE BLUFF – 14056
  • First National Bank of PRAIRIE GROVE – 8030
  • First National Bank of RECTOR – 10853
  • First National Bank of ROGERS – 7789
  • AMERICAN National Bank of ROGERS – 10750
  • First National Bank of RUSSELLVILLE – 4582
  • FARMERS National Bank of SILOAM SPRINGS – 9871
  • First National Bank IN SILOAM SPRINGS – 13274
  • First National Bank of SPRINGDALE – 8763
  • First National Bank of  STUTTGART – 10459
  • GATE City National Bank of TEXARKANA – 4401
  • STATE National Bank of TEXARKANA – 7138
  • First National Bank of VAN BUREN – 7361
  • First Nationl Bank of WALDRON – 5849
  • First National Bank of WALDRON – 5849
  • First National Bank of WALNUT RIDGE – 9332
  • First National Bank of LAWRENCE COUNTY AT WALNUT RIDGE – 11312
  • PLANTERS National Bank of WALNUT RIDGE – 12083
  • First National Bank of WYNNE – 10807


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