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What is the Value of 1874 Two Dollar Bills?

Year: 1874
Type: National Bank Note
Denomination: Two Dollar Bill

Description: Two dollar national banknotes from 1863 all have the same large number “2” taking up the majority of every bill. Collectors and dealers have nicknamed this bill the “Lazy Deuce” due to the number 2 lying lazily. There aren’t many banknotes with a unique design such as the $2 national banknote. 

Just because your bill has the date 1863 on it doesn’t necessarily mean that’s when the bill was actually printed. There was a print run of these $2 national banknotes that lasted 15 years before they finally halted the denomination. 

If you want to know the value of your $2 national banknote, you must know a number of factors that determine the value of the bill. The first and most important factor is what bank the banknote was issued for. If you have two $2 bills that look identical in condition except one is from a common bank and one is from a rare bank, the prices can be significantly different. Contact us if you need help determining the value of your banknote today.

Two Dollar Original Series National Bank Note Value

Original Series $2 National Bank Note


Value: The value of most $2 national bank notes from 1874 is based upon condition, serial number, and bank of issue. In some instances, a note will be worth $500. Most sell for around $2,000 but some sell for a lot more.


Picture ofTwo Dollar 1875 Series National Bank Note

Series of 1875 $2 National Bank Note

Dates: You can have a $2 national bank note in the following dates printed on them: 186318641865186618671868186918701871187218731874, 18751876 or 1877.


Which chartered national banks issued 1874 $2 dollar bills?

Picture of Two Dollar Original Series National Bank Note


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